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The Collaborative Learning Teams Grant can be found on the Professional Development page under Resources. 

Mentorship in Campbell River shall be:

  1. Voluntary, teacher-led and mentee/learner-centric.
  2. A reciprocal learning partnership where all members are learners and leaders.
  3. Allow for release time for learning partnerships to observe, model, co-teach plan and reflect.
  4. Available to and centred around teachers new to the profession, the district, their role, or those experiencing a significant shift in educational practice.

Click on the image to download the 2021-22 Mentorship Program overview and timeline. Interested in being a part of the program? Complete the Mentor/ Mentee application found on the Mentor and Mentee webpages. Applications are accepted year-round!
Contact Erin Pickering with any questions or suggestions!

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