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Courses and Workshops


On this page you will find information and materials from past and upcoming courses and/or workshops offered. 

Interview and Resume Tips Workshop April 2022  

Click here to access a recording of this workshop.

Click here for suggested further reading

"Go To Educator" Mental Health Literacy Toolkit Online Workshop February 2022.    

 As part of our strategic plan priority to ‘Build a Culture of Learning and Wellness’, we are looking at providing all staff with the opportunity to engage in  professional learning related to Mental Health Literacy.

Go-To Educator/ Mental Health Toolkit

In every school, there are staff with whom students naturally form good relationships, go to for help, and feel comfortable talking to about their problems.  And there are also people who may notice things about a student that others may have missed.   This could be teachers, educational assistants, youth care workers, administrators, custodians, admin assistants, bus drivers, maintenance, etc.  All of you are Go-To Educators.  

The “Go-To Educator/ Mental Health Toolkit professional learning teaches all staff to understand the basics of mental health and mental illness and to support or refer someone who is experiencing a mental health challenge. This can make a critical difference for our students.  It can also make a critical difference for you or someone you care about. 

Research shows that participants in the Go-To educator/ Mental Health Toolkit training also report benefits of this training transferring to their personal lives for themselves and those they care about.  

In this training, participants will learn:  

  • How to foster and maintain good mental health  
  • About mental disorders and their treatments  
  • How to decrease stigma  
  • How to seek help effectively and utilize referral pathways to health care services  
  • The foundational knowledge necessary to effectively teach about mental health literacy in schools  

Click here to Join the Workshop.   9am - 3pm Online


Elementary/Middle School Term Reporting 2021-22


Join the Teams meeting if you need a quick review on how to complete elementary or middle school report cards in MyEd.  Click HERE to join the meeting.  No registration required.

Reclaiming our Students Why students are more anxious, aggressive and shut down than ever- And what we can do about it.  2021-22

Five virtual facilitated book club sessions.    
Discussions led by Dayna Davis - Neufeld Institute Course Facilitator
Dayna Davis is a Certified Facilitator for The Neufeld Institute and primary teacher in SD 72. She teaches K-2 at Cortes Island School. She has been a classroom teacher for 30 years.

All participants will receive a copy of the book.
Please sign up on the SD72 Portal, in Employee Connect, under the Workshops tab. 

Dates:  October 2021 - March 2022:

  • October 19    Foundations of Attachment-Developmental Approach -  Emotional safety and connection as foundational to learning
  • November 16 Magic of Alpha - Reading the Need and Taking the Lead
  • December 14  Stuck Kids  -The roots of shut down, aggressive, inattentive, anxious behavior
  • February 15        Connect Before You Direct and Discipline That Does Not  Divide - strategies for building, preserving and restoring relationships.  
    Click here to hear a recording of this session with special guest Tamara Neufeld Strijack
  • March 8         Emotional Playgrounds - lay, Movement, Art, Writing, Nature, Music and Mindfulness Experiential activities for emotional expression and release
    Click here to watch the video with special guest Hannah Beach

Fall Professional Development Representatives Training  November 2021

ProD reps Fall Training session 2021 by SD72 District Teacher Coordinators

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