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The parent portal allows teachers to invite parents to access student portfolios so they can view and comment on posts. Parents can also see a student's class sites and see upcoming assignments. 

View the video below for information on how to "invite" parents to access their students' ePortfolio.

HERE is a set of instructions that you can also send home which will help guide the parents through the registration process.
NOTE:  The parents will need the student's MyEd pupil number. This is available from MyEd BC.

Type in sd72 in the web browser. 

This will bring you to the SD72 home page.  

The "Sign In" link for the Portal is located on the top right of the screen in a drop-down menu.  
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Sign in using your SD72 email address and password.

If you are using a mobile device, it is located at the bottom of the webpage.

Click on the "My Portfolio" button to access your ePortfolio.  my portfolio.JPG

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