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Minecraft EDU is a virtual land where users can create their own worlds and experiences using building blocks.  Using Minecraft EDU allows students to explore numerous educational concepts and curricular competencies in a game-based learning environment.   It requires the student to DESIGN, practice SKILLS and use TECHNOLOGY to complete a task.  

By using Minecraft EDU to teach curricular concepts, the ADST competencies are naturally being developed.

~”The Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum builds on students’ natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and work in practical ways.”~
Goal and Rationale from BC ADST Curriculum

Each PowerPoint slide deck below is a complete lesson including all videos, handouts and assessments needed to teach the lesson.

NO previous knowledge in Minecraft is required to teach these lessons.  It is recommended to teach them in the order listed below.


1-1 Minecraft Lessons-Introduction.pptx
Minecraft Student Self Reflection.pdf

Community Build

2-1 Minecraft Lessons-Community Building.pptx
Minecraft Student Self Reflection.pdf

Numeracy - Area and Perimeter

3-1 Area and Perimeter Student Handout.docx
3-1 Area and Perimeter Student Handout.pdf
3-1 Minecraft Lessons-MB Area and Perimeter.pptx
Minecraft Student Self Reflection.pdf

3-2 Minecraft Lessons-AoL Three Little Pigs.pptx
3-2 Minecraft Numeracy.xlsx
3-2 Numeracy Student Self Reflection.docx
3-2 Numeracy Student Self Reflection.pdf

Literacy - Literary Elements - Character Study

4-1 Minecraft Lessons-MB Character Study.pptx
Minecraft Student Self Reflection.pdf

4-2 Minecraft Lessons-AoL Novel Study Challenge.pptx
4-2 Novel Study Literary Element Planning Storyboard.docx
4-2 Novel Study Literary Element Planning Storyboard.pdf
4-2 Minecraft Literacy.xlsx
4-2 Literacy Student Self Reflection.docx
4-2 Literacy Student Self Reflection.pdf

Socials/Science - Sustainability Inquiry

5-1 Minecraft Lessons-MB Great Design Build.pptx
Minecraft Student Self Reflection.pdf

5-2 Minecraft Lessons-AoL-Sustainability.pptx
5-2 Inquiry Planning.pdf
5-2 Community Audit.pdf
5-2 Science_Socials Student Self Reflection.docx
5-2 Science_Socials Student Self Reflection.pdf
5-2 Minecraft Science_Socials.xlsx

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